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Greenspan water quality sensor technology was acquired by ESS Earth Sciences in 2019. We have revived this brand of high-quality sensors and have started updating and improving the range to ensure this Australian brand has a long and prosperous future.

Greenspan sensors are available with integrated data loggers, digital outputs, and analogue outputs. Integrated logger sensors have the option of being powered by an internal battery pack for cable-free deployment. Single- and multi-parameter sensors are available.

Prefix: DO = Dissolved Oxygen, PR = Pressure (depth) Remote, EC = Electrical Conductivity, PS = Pressure (depth) Submersible, OR = Oxygen Reduction Potential, TS = Turbidity Sensor, PH = pH (potential of Hydrogen). MP = Multi-Parameter logging sensors (Ø47mm, up to 3 sensors),  MQ (Ø65mm, up to 5 sensors). Suffix: A = Analogue output; D = Digital output; L = Logging sensor; T = Terminal-screw connector

Data sheets for Greenspan water quality sensors.

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