EC-1500 Analogue Conductivity + Temperature sensor

The EC-1500 EC sensor is designed for measuring electrical conductivity (salinity) of liquids at remote locations. The fully sealed design has proven durable and reliable, being used in the water industry for decades. It is well suited for low power operation where access and site visits are limited. Unlike conventional electrode based cells, the encapsulated toroid design requires very little maintenance, ensuring many years of accurate data collection without recalibration, and the delrin-tube design and embedded temperature sensors avoid issues of degradation due to corrosion. The EC-1550 sensor adds SDI-12 digital output to the sensor.

Data sheet: EC-1500 Salinity Sensor


The EC-1500 sensor is a 4-20mA output electrical conductivity and temperature sensor, with full scale ranges from 500 to 75,000µS/cm, with or without temperature compensated output.

The sensor is available with a sealed cable of customer-specified length as standard, or it can be optionally fitted with a waterproof socket, and a matching cable plug can be supplied. See our Support page to download the product manual.

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