EC-1500 Analogue Conductivity + Temperature sensor

The Greenspan EC-1500 EC sensor is designed for measuring the electrical conductivity (salinity) of liquids at remote locations.

  • Fully sealed design – proven durable and reliable,
  • Tried and test in the water industry for decades.
  • Suited for low power operations where access and site visits are limited.
  • Encapsulated toroid design – little maintenance and accurate data.
  • Many years of accurate data collection without recalibration
  • Delrin-tube design and embedded temperature sensors – avoid issues of degradation due to corrosion.
  • Can have SDI-12 digital output – becomes the EC-1550

Datasheet: EC-1500 Salinity Sensor


EC-1500 | Australian made electrical conductivity sensor.

Greenspan’s EC-1500 Australian made electrical conductivity sensor is designed for very long-term deployment at unattended monitoring stations

The EC-1500 is fully submersible and concurrently measures the fluid’s electrical conductivity and temperature to give salinity levels.  The EC-1500 has a 4-20mA output providing measurements on electrical conductivity and temperature.

The EC-1500’s full scale ranges from 500 to 75,000µS/cm, with or without temperature compensated output.

It is available with custom lengths of sealed cable. Alternatively,  fitting the EC-1500 with a waterproof socket with a matching cable plug is possible. See our products support page to download the product manual for more details.

EC-1500 Construction

Constructed from durable machined plastic components and epoxy resins, the EC-1500 is robust and will perform in the harshest of conditions. For reliability, the EC-1500 has no wetted metal components to corrode. This makes the sensor suitable for high conductivity (high dissolved solids) application and even for water with high acidity.

For protection, the sensor head is fully epoxy encapsulated. A hole through the middle allows water to flow. It is here that the water provides magnetic coupling for the measurement to take place. Hardwired to the back of the sensor is an 8mm diameter submersible rated cable (length specified during ordering).

Once installed and powered, the sensor will measure conductivity from 0 to full scale, as inscribed on the sensor body in micro siemens per centimetre (µS/cm).

There are no moving parts on the EC-1500/1550 sensor, and no serviceable components. This sensor is a dual output 3 wire current loop device plus SDI-12.


EC-1500 Salinity Sensor Specifications

Standard ranges of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000,
70000 µS/cm. Other ranges available on request.

EC linearity < 2% of full scale range, 0 to 30°C
Temperature < 0.2°C over the range, 0 to 30°C.

Storage: -10 to 60°C storage (in dry environment),
Operating: 0 to 50°C
Output range: 0 to 50°C
Compensation: 0 to 30°C

Response Time: 2 seconds to full accuracy
Type: Magnetic inductive coupling, toroid

Outputs 4-20mA scaled to maximum EC and Temperature range:
Reading = Cm/16*(R-4) where Cm = Max range, R=reading
e.g. for Cm=20000µS/cm: Conductivity = 1250*(R-4) µS/cm
e.g. for Cm=50°C: Temperature = 3.125*(R-4) °C
SDI-12 EC and Temperature digital output

Power Supply 9-30VDC
1500/1550 4-20mA mode < 50mA

Surge Secondary surge protection:  Can absorb 0.6J of energy

Dimensions: 262 long, 56 dia (mm)


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