EC-1550 Digital Conductivity + Temperature sensor

The EC-1550 sensor adds a digital output to the proven reliability and durability of the EC-1500 which has been used in the water industry for decades. With advanced power management included in the new SDI-12 control system, the EC-1550 draws less than 5mA in sleep mode and only 70mA when taking a reading (typically 2 seconds).

Data sheets:1550 Salinity EC Sensor


EC-1550 digital conductivity & temp sensor.

The EC-1550 digital conductivity and temp sensor is well suited for low power operations where access and site visits are limited. Unlike conventional electrode-based cells, the encapsulated toroid design requires very little maintenance, ensuring many years of accurate data collection without recalibration, and the delrin-tube design and embedded temperature sensors avoid issues of degradation due to corrosion. The full-scale range of the sensor is specified and calibrated from the factory (choose a full-scale range from 500 to 75,000µS/cm) and the temperature sensor can be factory set to compensate the EC output reading.

The uncompensated 4-20mA EC (electrical conductivity) and temperature outputs are still available in the cable or optional waterproof connector, and our implementation of SDI-12 allows signal cable runs of over 500m. Reliability, low maintenance, and with smart digital controls makes the EC-1550 sensor is the logical evolution of conductivity monitoring.

The sensor is available with a sealed cable of customer-specified length as standard, or it can be optionally fitted with a waterproof socket, and a matching cable plug can be supplied.

See our Support page to download the product manual.


EC-1550 Salinity Sensor Specifications

Standard ranges of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000,
70000 µS/cm. Other ranges available on request.

EC linearity < 2% of full scale range, 0 to 30°C
Temperature < 0.2°C over the range, 0 to 30°C.

Storage: -10 to 60°C storage (in dry environment),
Operating: 0 to 50°C
Output range: 0 to 50°C
Compensation: 0 to 30°C

Response Time: 2 seconds to full accuracy
Type: Magnetic inductive coupling, toroid

Outputs 4-20mA scaled to maximum EC and Temperature range:
Reading = Cm/16*(R-4) where Cm = Max range, R=reading
e.g. for Cm=20000µS/cm: Conductivity = 1250*(R-4) µS/cm
e.g. for Cm=50°C: Temperature = 3.125*(R-4) °C
SDI-12 EC and Temperature digital output

Power Supply 9-30VDC
1500/1550 4-20mA mode < 50mA
1550 in SDI-12 mode: < 50mA measurement, 2mA standby

Surge Secondary surge protection:  Can absorb 0.6J of energy

Dimensions: 262 long, 56 dia (mm)