Data Sheets – Seismology and Hydrology


Greenspan’s range of hydrological sensors are all made in Melbourne,  Australia. We are able to provide service and support for years after you purchase your sensor. 

MP and MQ Multi-parameter sensors datasheet

MP and MQ Multi-parameter water quality sensors
Multi-parameter water quality sensors


View and download the product data sheets for our seismic sensors. The Seismology Research Centre has assisted in the design of ESS-manufactured recorders & digital sensors. We provide service and support for 10+ years for ESS-made seismographs.

Seismographs and Accelerographs
Gecko Digitiser, Portable vibration sensors, and Professional earthquake sensors.
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Earthquake and vibration sensor brochure

Earthquake & Vibration sensors
Surface & Borehole Geophones & Accelerometers, Broadband Seismometers, Low Noise Accelerometers, and Microphones.
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