Geosystems: Geotechnical Instruments

Geosystems is a division of ESS Earth Sciences and provides geotechnical hardware and software products as well as installation and monitoring services. We provide the civil constriction and mining industries with geotechnical systems in Australia and all around the world, both directly and through our network of partners.

Digital HI CellThe Hollow Inclusion Cell (left), a 3-dimensional borehole rock stress measurement device developed by the CSIRO, has been manufactured by our company under various brands including our past companies Mindata and Environmental Systems & Services. Geosystems has further developed the product by digitising the data at the strain gauges, simplifying wiring, and reducing the potential for signal corruption over the signal cable. We have also developed a 4-cell data logger that simply logs data continuously to a USB drive, and we even have a tablet computer that can plot and record data from a cell in real-time.

MiniFrac Hydraulic Fracturing SystemAnother CSIRO-developed product that commercialised and subsequently improved by Geosystems is the “Mini-Frac” (right) – an intrinsically safe miniature hydraulic fracturing system to test in-situ rock strength and take impressions of induced fractures.
Geosystems is the distributor for some of the world’s best geotechnical monitoring equipment, including Roctest’s myriad of sensors,¬†and¬†Metasensing’s fast scanning slope radars, as well as everyday products such as Shear Vane Testers, Dynamic Cone Penetrometers, Tell Tales, and our own 10-ton Point Load Tester – the PLT-10.