Fibre Optic Leak Detection

Measure strain & temperature at high spatial resolution over long distances with a single fibre (fiber optic)


ESS offers the latest cutting edge systems in distributed sensing technology. Fibre optics are used to monitor temperature distribution and for leak detection and localisation. We also design systems that can measure strain deformation every meter along the whole length of the sensor and provide real time alarms 24/7 when anomalous behaviour is detected. This is very useful for long assets such as railway and pipelines.

Distributed monitoring systems are particularly advantageous and cost effective on long runs where it’s almost impossible to monitor the same distance via electrical sensors. They are turnkey autonomous systems capable raising alerts super quick and able to locate events to the nearest metre. The sensors can pick up precursor signs of failure enabling preventative maintenance as well as increasing maintenance response time after an event. Fitted with a network of cameras they produce the ideal security monitoring systems to protect your asset.

Data Sheet: Fibre Optic Leak Detection