PR-7200 Pump-powered Water Level Bubbler

The PR-7200 is an update to the model previously known as the PumpPro 6150. Similarly, the core sensor module is available as a PR-7100 which replaces the LevelPro 6100. The new PR sensor design has identical functionality as previous models, but with modern electronics to allow for future functionality.

PR-7200 features:

  • Measure 70m of water head
  • 3 year warranty
  • Australian made and supported
  • Australian servicing and repair capability
  • No electronics in water
  • Replaceable tube
  • Powerful pump
  • Rugged and reliable design

Data Sheet: PR-7200 Formerly called 6150 PumpPro


PR-7200 Water level bubbler

The PR-7200 (formally called the 6150 PumpPro) is an Australian designed and manufactured water level bubbler. The PR designation refers to it being a “Pressure, Remote” sensor. As opposed to our PS range of “Pressure, Submersible” analogue and logging water level sensors.

The PR-7200 water level bubble combines an air compressor and a PR-7100 liquid level sensor to form a fully self-contained hydrostatic pressure sensor. Our engineers designed the PR-7200 to withstand Australia’s harshest environments. As such, Greenspan guarantees you can consistently measure water and liquid levels accurately.

The PR-7200 feature a Teflon-lubricated precision piston air compressor. As a result, the PR-7200 water level bubble is a highly reliable all-in-one water level sensor. The pump is capable of measuring up to 70m of water head. This is more than twice the range of traditional bubbler systems.

The PR-7200 has all of the features of the previous model 6100 and 6150 including volumetric calculations for tank-based applications, analogue and digital outputs, an integrated LCD for easy setup, and the optional 8-pin screw terminal connector.

Our three-year warranty is a testament to the reliability of the components in this unit. On the market for almost 20 years, this design has proven that the days of the limited life of pump-style water level sensors are well and truly a distant memory.

Data Sheet: PR-7200

Here’s a video from one of our customers in Israel using the 6150 in a wastewater management application: