Alarm Service for Ground Vibrations

An alerting service based on vibration monitoring, with automated SMS and customised email notifications


ESS has developed complete instrumentation and software systems to enable alerts from various sources of vibrations – from blasts, construction activity, transport corridors, and earthquakes. The ESS Seismology Research Centre has almost four decades of experience in the field of seismic monitoring and operates an earthquake monitoring network covering much of eastern Australia’s populated areas.

Using a combination of seismic recorders, sensors, telemetry systems, and online data processing tools, we can provide alerts for a variety of vibration parameters, from displacement, velocity and acceleration level-based alerts in certain frequency bands, or for magnitude or intensity based alerts from earthquake or blast source events.

Alerts can be as simple as an automated SMS, an email, or a detailed report detailing the estimated effects at predefined points of interest. Our premium earthquake alerting service utilises staff that are on duty 24/7 to provide rapid notifications to emergency management staff in scenarios where people and assets may be at risk so that they can effectively allocate response resources.

Data Sheet: Earthquake Alarm Service