Accelerograph – EchoPro SMA

Discontinued – replaced by the Gecko SMA

Strong Motion Accelerograph, all in one sensor and recorder


Discontinued – replaced by the Gecko SMA

The Gecko SMA replaces the EchoPro SMA as our all-in-one strong motion accelerograph, which combines user-friendliness with the reliability and simplicity of a MEMS accelerometer, available in ±2g, ±5g, and higher full scale ranges. Continuous data is stored on removable flash memory drive in one-minute files, organised into year/month/day/hour folders, easily browsed on any PC. This has been carried over in the Gecko SMA, with an SD card replacing the USB drive.

The optional LCD and keypad on the EchoPro is now standard on the Gecko SMA, and now offers full configuration without a PC.  All Gecko models have dual alarm outputs, and Ethernet is still available on the Gecko, allowing you to send data files to a remote PC. Data telemetry still allows access to our eqAlert service which sends SMS alerts when the SMA detects abnormal activity.

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