d-Cable Instrumented Cable

The d-Cable is an instrumented seven wire cable that allows engineers, technicians and consultants to monitor how load develops. The cable is applicable to plain strands, bulb cables, ground anchors and tie backs used in all types of mining and civil projects. Both Head-at-Collar (HAC) and Head-at-Toe (HAT) configurations are possible.


The d-CABLE is based on a miniature inductive strain-gauge recessed into a surrogate tubular king-wire. The gauges are configured with base lengths of 200mm to 2000mm. When the ends of a strain-gauge are secured it will measure how a certain length of the cable bolt is stretching in response to the load.

It has the potential to help predict the risk of catastrophic structural failure and can enhance many aspects of engineering design, installation quality control, long-term operation assessment, and rehabilitation.

Data Sheet:Instrumented Cable Bolt