TS-1000A Turbidity Sensor

The Greenspan TS-1000A is a turbidity sensor whose features include:
  • Can be installed in active waters (acidic or salty) where stainless steel is not suitable
  • Reliable and robust sensor ensures minimal field visits for maintenance
  • Suitable for marine applications and waterways with high sediment loads
  • Turbidity measurement conforms to ISO7027
  • Integral self-cleaning wiper
  • Rugged acetal body
  • Field replaceable wiper pad
  • Easy to use

TS-1000 Turbidity Sensor Manual


TS-1000A – Analogue Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity is an optical feature of a liquid and a measurement of its clarity, a turbidity sensor is used to measure clarity. Determining scattered light levels within a column of water indicates turbidity. It is an important measurement to take in assessing the quality of a body of water as both plant and animal growth depend on turbidity levels.

Learn more about water turbidity and how sensors can be used for hydrological studies. 

Greenspan TS-1000A: Australian Made

The Greenspan TS-1000A turbidity sensor is a low power unit and provides both 4-20mA and 0-2.5V outputs. The sensor features an integral wiper, providing long-term reliable operation at remote sites where bio-fouling or sedimentation is likely.

A durable acetal body and double O-ring design ensure suitability for harsh environment applications. The TS-1000A turbidity sensor can be supplied in various ranges and comes fitted with a molded polyurethane cable.


Measurement Technique: 90° Infra-red (ISO7027)

Standard Ranges Available: 100 NTU, 400 NTU & 1000 NTU

Resolution: 100 NTU (0.1NTU), 400 NTU (0.2 NTU), 1,000 NTU (0.3 NTU)

Linearity @ 25°C: 100 NTU (+/- 1%), 400 NTU (+/- 1%), 1,000 NTU (+/- 3%)

Sensor Outputs: 4-20mA or 0-2.5V DC

Power Supply: 8-30V DC

Wiper Control: Silicon wiper blade on PVC arm. Field replaceable pull control wire to GND momentarily. Pulse time required >50 ms

Wiper time: <8 seconds (1 revolution)

Dimensions (L x OD): 417.5mm x 47mm (16.44” x 1.85”)


TS-1000 Turbidity Sensor Manual

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