MP & MQ Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sensors

Greenspan’s range of sensor modules can be fitted together in certain combinations to allow for multiple water quality parameters within a single sensor.

• Pressure (water level)
• pH
• Oxygen Reduction Potential
• Electrical Conductivity
• Temperature
• Turbidity
• Optical Dissolved Oxygen


MP & MQ Series: Mutli-parameter water quality sensors

The Greenspan range of multi-parameter water quality sensors is designed and manufactured in Australia. The sensors have been tried and test in almost every Australian climate. Their robust design has ensured they perform every time out in the harshed field conditions.

A variety of water quality parameters are available, as such several variations of the mutli-parameter sensors are available. It is possible to have a water quality sensor that only monitors two parameters (such as water pressure and salinity). Alternatively, the sensor can cover an entire suite of water quality parameters from Electrical Conductivity to pH. You choose the parameters which best suits your application.

The 47mm diameter MP series can have up to 3 sensors recording up to 4 parameters (temperature and EC are in a single sensor), and the 65mm MQ series can have up to 5 sensors recording up to 6 parameters. Contact us to check which sensor combination and model will best suit your requirements.

The MP and MQ series save you time, space and money by combining so many sensors into one portable probe.

Parameter Coding:

  • MP = 47mm diameter main body
  • MQ = 65mm diameter main body
  • PS = Pressure
  • EC = Electrical Conductivity and Temperature
  • PH = pH
  • OR = Oxygen Reduction Potential
  • DO = Optical Dissolved Oxygen (end sensor only)
  • TS = Turbidity (end sensor only)

Common multi-parameter water quality sensor combinations:

  • MP-2-PS-EC
  • MQ-2-PH-EC
  • MQ-3-PH-PS-EC
  • MQ-3-PH-EC-DO
  • MQ-4-PH-PS-EC-TS

Note that EC with PH and/or OR currently require the MQ body, and DO and TS can only be placed at the end of the sensor body. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Maximum parameter measurement is MQ-5-PH-PS-EC-OR-TS/DO measuring 6 parameters: pH, water level (pressure), electrical conductivity, temperature, oxygen reduction potential, and either turbidity or dissolved oxygen.

Click to download the muLTi-parameter water quality sensor manual.


Sensor Outputs: Internal Data Logger – serial data via SensorMate software optional adaptor provides SDI12 serial output (3 wire)

Power supply: 8 to 30 V DC (at sensor), or on-board battery pack (option)

Current consumption: Sleep <0.2 mA, logging 20 mA, communicating 30 mA (consumption rates vary depending on parameters selected)

Internal data logger: Non-volatile, battery-backed RAM with real-time clock

Memory size: 4 Mb capacity, with user-selectable wrap function, typically 250,000 readings. (At 5-minute data for >12 months)

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