Solar Instrumentation Enclosure

Portable Seismograph hut

Solar powered instrument enclosure, designed for aftershock monitoring.


Portable Seismograph Hut

Portable seismograph hut: perfect for aftershock or permanent earthquake monitoring stations, our solar-powered instrument enclosures are secure, light and well designed for quick deployment.

A fixed solar panel design is available in two sizes (50W & 80W) which is weatherproof, robust and simple to set up. A more compact enclosure design with folding solar panels is available which allows for more units to be transported – 8 systems will fit in the tray of a VW Amarok or Toyota Hilux dual cab utility vehicle.

Enclosures include a flush fitting high gain GPS aerial, and custom cable ports allow for external sensor access while maintaining weather resistance. Optional 3G/4G modems can be fitted internally with an external high gain aerial. View the video below to see how simple our enclosure are to set up.

Data sheet: Solar Instrument Enclosure