Solar Instrumentation Enclosure

Portable Seismograph hut

Solar powered instrument enclosure, designed for aftershock and semi-permanent monitoring.


Portable Seismograph Hut

The aluminium chassis of this solar powered instrument enclosure is light enough to carry (before you put batteries inside!) and is perfect for aftershock or semi-permanent earthquake monitoring stations.

With an 80W solar panel, the enclosure is weatherproof, robust and simple to set up. The enclosure includes a standard GPS antenna mounted under the panel, with a flat section on the lid for mounting external cellular or WiFi aerials, or a microphone. Custom cable ports allow for external sensor access while maintaining weather resistance, or a sensor mounting plate can be embedded in the floor of the enclosure.

Data sheet: Solar Instrument Enclosure



Solar powered instrument enclosure. Light enough to carry (without batteries inside). Ideal more semi permanent seismographs

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