GW50 Groundwater Optical Nitrate Sensor

HydroMetrics – GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor

Australia’s most affordable commercial groundwater nitrate sensor distributed by Greenspan, manufactured in New Zealand by HydroMetrics.

Accuracy and reliability shouldn’t break the bank.

The GW50 nitrate sensor features:
  • Groundwater deployment to measure nitrate-nitrogen concentrations
  • Robust, field-tested design.
  • Low power consumption – (solar panel power possible)
  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • Telemetry data compatible
  • Xenon flash technology
  • 316 Stainless steel housing



GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor Australia

Affordable groundwater nitrate sensor available in Australia from Greenspan. The HydroMetrics GW50 is one of the most affordable groundwater nitrate sensors available on the market today. Despite its budget price, it does not compromise accuracy or reliability.

The GW50 nitrate sensor has been tried and tested in the field in New Zealand for several years. The sensors have been used by several private and government organisations to monitor groundwater nitrate levels, in both agricultural and industrial applications.

The stainless steel body allows the nitrate sensor to be installed and left for months at a time. When connected to a telemetry system the sensors will transmit real-time data continuously.


Benefits of the HydroMetrics GW50

  • Measures groundwater nitrate-nitrogen concentrations.
  • Suitable for low ionic strength groundwater (this minimises organic carbon or chloride interferences).
  • 50 mm well installation possible.
  • Remote data-logging capability for real-time data.
  • Budget nitrate sensor provides accurate and reliable data, day in day out. Feasible deployment across multiple sites at the catchment or farm scale.
  • Low power consumption. Possible to power by solar panels.
  • Optical sensor technology  – extends the service interval when compared to Ion Selective Electrodes (that often suffer from significant calibration drift) making the GW50 more suitable for long-term deployment.
  • Periodic cleaning rather than calibration required – reducing overall maintenance requirements and costs.
  • Continuous monitoring as opposed to laboratory analysis is rapidly growing within the agricultural community due to increased data frequency.


Technical specification of HydroMetrics GW50 Sensor

Measurement technology (light source):  Xenon flash
Measurement principle: UV Absorbance
Measurement cell: 10 mm tube
Parameter: NO3-N
Measurement range:   0 – 60 mg/L (without measurement cell alteration)
Measurement accuracy:   +/- 5% +0.1 mg N/L
Turbidity:    compensation Yes
Data logger:  ~ 8 GB internal storage
Measurement interval:     ≥ 1 min
Housing material:     316 stainless steel
Dimensions (ø x L):     42.2 mm x 455 mm
Probe weight:     1.55 kgs
Interface:   SD1-12 / RS-232
Power consumption:     < 100 mW
Power supply:      11.5 – 15.5 V
Guarantee:     1 year
Max pressure:      2.0 bar as standard