Groundview 500 Borehole Camera

Downhole & Shaft Inspection Camera

The Groundview portable borehole video system features four interchangeable video cameras, including motorised pan and tilt
heads, and a twin-camera dual-view head (down and side).
Perfect for inspection of wells, bores, groundwater boreholes, mine shafts and even open water, you can check casing integrity,
use it for lost equipment recovery, check downhole pump operation, find contaminants, verify downhole instrumentation installations, and even use them for search and rescue.


Pan and Tilt Full HD Camera
• Fully waterproof camera with water depth and temperature sensor display on the video
• Professional grade watertight connectors
• Unique data transmission protocol to transmit signal long distances via two core cable
• Shielded underwater cable pull resistance, double shielded, high-tensile, anti-corrosive, anti-wear
• Motorised forward and retract modes with variable speed control
• 500m cable length standard, custom shorter cable lengths available to save weight/cost
• Up to 7kms of cable available on special order
• Winch cable depth counter with on screen display
• Inbuilt pressure sensor in camera to measure pressure head

• All in one control module with LCD display, microphone and full keyboard, battery or mains powered
• Camera focus and LED intensity control and capture video files to USB
• Fully customisable control module that can be set to many languages