Groundview 100 Borehole Camera

The Groundview portable borehole video system features four interchangeable video cameras, including motorised pan-and-tilt heads, and a twin-camera dual-view head (down and side). Perfect for inspection of wells, bores, groundwater boreholes, mine shafts and even open water, you can check casing integrity, use it for lost equipment recovery, check downhole pump operation, find contaminants, verify downhole instrumentation installations, and even use them for search and rescue.

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The Groundview series of borehole inspection systems are state of the art camera and winch packages that capture HD footage via a small pan and tilt camera. They transmit signals over very long cable runs, pushing the boundaries of drill hole inspections. Conveniently the entire series (excluding Groundview Scope) is controlled by the same control module thatdisplays and captures footage to USB. It features a full keyboard so notes can be made on screen, and it also includes a microphone for verbal commentary. The pan & tilt camera comes in three sizes (45mm, 55mm and 65mm diameter) . The hand winch model is robust, portable, and well suited for commercial use.