PH-1000A Analogue pH Sensor

The Greenspan PH-1000A has a 4-20mA output with 47mm outer diameter suitable for 2″ boreholes. PH-1000L logging pH sensor also available.

General Applications of pH sensor (PH-1000A)

  • Sewer monitoring
  • Monitoring of streams and rivers, lakes and urban waterways
  • Catchment studies and forestry management
  • Water supply storages including stratification studies
  • Water and wastewater treatment monitoring
  • Groundwater analysis and monitoring
  • Industrial process, Acid Sulphate studies
  • Tidal, estuary and oceanographic monitoring


PH-1000A – Water pH Sensor

The PH-1000A is an analogue water pH sensor designed and manufactured in Australia.

The PH-1000A features a field replaceable, gel-filled pH electrode. The electrode’s reference is protected by a special porous PTFE ring which is impregnated with a special conductive gel. The protection ring prevents chemical or biological fouling from reaching the reference, extending the life of the combination electrode. At the end of its life, the electrode can be replaced by the user in the field without the need to return the sensor to the factory.

With countless installations throughout Australia for several decades, Greenspan is confident our PH-1000 water pH sensors are able to meet your requirements in the harshed environments.

The PH-1000A can have an internal logger installed, with this the model becomes a PH-1000L.

The PH-1000 is suitable for most fluids and liquids, it is by no means restricted to freshwater. Many of our clients utilise the sensors in sewer monitoring, estuaries, and industrial processes. All of which require robust sensors to perform every day.

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PH-1000A Specifications

Measurement Technique: Gel-filled glass electrode with internal Ag/AgCl reference, Field Replaceable electrode

Sensor range (factory calibrated): 0–14 pH (4 mA = 0 pH, 20 mA = 14 pH)

Sensor output: Analogue 4-20 mA

Power Supply: 11-13.2V DC

Dimensions (L x OD) 364.5 mm × 47 mm (14.35″ × 1.85″)

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