Seismic Recorders

Data loggers for seismic sensors. Gecko products available worldwide. Guralp products are available from ESS Earth Sciences in Australia only.

ESS Earth Sciences and Guralp manufacture a range of digitisers, recorders, and communication modules available to store and send data from their wide range of sensors.

Data Sheets: Gecko Range Minimus DM24 Affinity


The Güralp Affinity is a high-fidelity integrated digitiser and network communications unit that provides a convenient and expandable way of connecting analogue and digital instruments to your network. The Affinity delivers high-quality digitisation with 31-bit resolution. The Affinity is available as a four channel or eight channel unit.

The diminutive Güralp Minimus is an advanced ‘smart’ 24-bit seismic digitiser, packed with a host of features that make it the ideal ‘plug-and-play’ solution for rapid deployments and multi-scale networked arrays. Available in 4-channel (Minimus) or 8-channel versions (Minimus+).

DM24 digitisers offer high-quality full 24-bit resolution, designed for data quality and durability. As well as being available in these stand alone units, the DM24 digitisers are also integrated into a number of our digital instruments.

The Gecko recorders use low noise 31-bit digitisation to provide the maximum signal resolution and sensitivity over a ±20V range, recording data continuously from any brand of analogue-output seismic and acoustic sensor on its 4 input channels at up to 4000 samples per second.

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