Seismograph – Kelunji EchoPro

Discontinued – replaced by the Kelunji Gecko.


Discontinued – replaced by the Kelunji Gecko.

History of the EchoPro

With a user-friendly web interface, standard Ethernet, GPS-synchronised continuous recording to USB, and affordability made the EchoPro the best-selling Kelunji seismograph in our 40 year history. With 6-channels as standard, the EchoPro was ideal for monitoring weak and strong ground motions using a triaxial seismometer and accelerometer, particularly when specified with an internal triaxial MEMS accelerometer to take over when a external seismometer signal might clip.

Other options included: an LCD and keypad for limited setup of a 6-channel recorder, which can also display data graphically in real time; two types of internal battery providing 12+ and 24+ hour autonomy, supplied with matching chargers; and a ruggedised case with an internal LCD and keypad, and internal GPS aerial for daily monitoring surveys. With differential voltage or constant current inputs, the EchoPro was compatible with all known seismometers, accelerometers, geophones, and microphones.

See our Support page to download the product manual.

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