MB3a Infrasound Sensor

Analogue infrasound sensor by Seismo Wave

Data Sheet


Manufactured by Seismo Wave, the MB3a is an analogue infrasound sensor designed to meet the demands of infrasound stations within the IMS network as mandated by the CTBTO), this sensor boasts unparalleled precision and reliability.

Capturing Low-Frequency Acoustic Signals

The MB3a analog infrasound sensor is engineered to record ultra-low-frequency acoustic signals spanning from 0.01 to 28Hz. With exceptional resolution and a large dynamic range, it ensures the comprehensive capture of critical data.

Minimal Instrumental Noise

Surpassing the Low Noise Model by more than 18 dB at 1 Hz, this microbarometer delivers unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy in data acquisition.


This sensor is widely used in multiple scientific, civil and military applications including:

  • Explosions monitoring
  • Volcanology
  • Meteorology
  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunamis
  • Tornadoes
  • Meteors
  • Landslides, avalanches
  • Wind farm emissions