Earthquake Location & Magnitude Calcs

User-driven earthquake location and magnitude calculation software, with in-built eqWave interactivity


With data from three or more seismograph stations you can use eqFocus to take arrival times from eqWave and let it do the location and magnitude calculations for you. You can customise earth models, enter your own place names and station response information, view earthquakes in Google Earth or Maps, and more. eqWave is provided free with the purchase of eqFocus.

eqFocus features include in-built vector maps, customisable earth models, local Richter and other magnitude calculations and report generation. It has the ability to connect to an eqServer database for cooperative observatory work, and it can also be used on a stand-alone PC with the in-built database. We even include an editor for the main tables in the database to add or modify places (city, town, etc) and seismic station locations.

Data Sheet: eqFocus