Geophones – Earthquake, Blast & Vibration Monitoring

Our compact triaxial geophones are available in different frequency ranges for different applications. The 2Hz sensor is perfect as a low cost high sensitivity earthquake sensor when paired with a recorder capable of high gain (small voltage) inputs, or when set for maximum range can detect over 700mm/s of ground motion in blast and other vibration monitoring applications.

The GEO-2F uses 2Hz components and has 5° tilt tolerance during installation. The lower cost GEO-5F has a 4.5Hz low-end response and 2° tilt tolerance, and the GEO-XF uses a 14Hz components but can be installed at any angle.


All of our geophones use passive components with no electronic response manipulation, allowing recording of the highest possible sensitivity without adding electronic noise to achieve low frequency performance.

In addition to these 80mm cube casings, these sensors are also available in Ø56mm borehole casings with kevlar-reinforced cable for strain relief, as the GEO-2B, GEO-5B and the GEO-XB selectable based on tilt and sensitivity requirements.

These geophones are matched perfectly to our Gecko Compact seismic recorder, for continuous recording so you never miss a thing. For an all-in-one sensor and recording solution, see our Gecko Force (2Hz) and Gecko Blast (4.5Hz) and which places the geophones inside a waterproof recorder housing.

For additional sensitivity and lower frequency applications, please browse our range of seismometers. We even have a portable solar-powered instrument enclosure for rapid field deployments. The vibration sensor housing seen in the GEO-xF products is also used for our low-cost accelerometer sensors, available in ±2g, ±5g and ±10g ranges.

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