Blast and Vibration Monitor

Perfect for vibration and blast monitoring, the Gecko Blast is a super simple sensor & recorder to install and operate. Just connect power to turn it on and start recording continuous data onto an SD card, which can be easily analysed on any PC. Bolt it down to rock or concrete using an anchored rod inserted into the hole through middle of the body, or replace the levelling feet with spikes instead to push it into soil. Record for days, weeks, or months – never miss a thing. Alarm outputs included to drive a beacon, and remote communications via 3G modem is also available.

Gecko Blast User Manual


The Gecko Blast is a compact all-in-one triaxial (East-West, North-South, Up-Down) velocity sensor and data logger. The internal 4.5Hz geophones allow recording of peak amplitudes of almost 700mm/s, and frequencies up to 1600Hz.

The standard LCD and keypad offers full configuration without the need for a PC in the field. The Gecko Blast draws around 1W of power, so a lead-acid battery of similar size to a car battery will provide about a month of backup power. All Gecko models have dual alarm outputs, and an external Ethernet adaptor or 3G modem is available, allowing you to send data files to a remote PC. This PC would run our included software, Live Stream, which will archive and display data sent from the Gecko on your PC screen, and will also send out email alerts based on user set thresholds.

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