Back of Module Temperature Sensor – BOM-TS-485


Back of module temerature sensor designed for measuring rear PV panel temperatures.

  • RS-485 Modbus RTU Output
  • PT1000 1/3 Class B as per EN 60751
  • -20 to +80°C measuring range
  • IP65 protection
  • Available with analogue output upon request.

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BOM-TS-485 – Back of Module Temperature Sensor

The BOM-TS-485 is an accurate and reliable back of module temperature sensor. Designed to specifically measure the temperature of the rear of photovoltaic solar panels, the BOM-TS-485 provides key insights into panel performance.

As a PV panel’s efficiency is affected by temperature, measuring and understanding this information helps form a greater understanding of your panel’s performance. The PT1000 Class B sensor (EN 60751) can be easily installed on the back of solar panels. Once installed the sensor will measure the temperature of the surface of the panel, using the RS-485 Modbus communications this data is then transmitted to your datalogger or SCADA.

Ideal for all sizes of PV solar installations from small rooftop to utility-scale solar farms.


Solar Panel Temperature Sensor Technical Data

Sensor Type – PT1000 1/3 Class B as per EN 60751, for flat surfaces (back side of solar
Measuring Range –  -20 to +80°C
Accuracy – ± 0.1 ⁰C
Power Supply – 12…34 V AC/DC
Sensor Housing –  Plastic housing with aluminum plate, H x W x L: 12 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
Dimensions – H x W x L: 44 mm x 69 mm x 75 mm
Protection – IP65
Cable –  3 m or 5 m PUR Cable, UV and weather-resistant
Protocol – Connected via 2-wire RS485 bus with Modbus RTU protocol

Brown – Power (+)
White – Power (-)
Green –  RS485 Data (+) / A
Yellow – RS485 Data (-) / B

Baud Rate – 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400
Parity –  No, even, odd
Stop Bit – 1, 2 (only at no parity)
Factory Default  – 9600 Baud, 8N1, address: 1