Shadow Ring for pyranometers, pyrgeometers, UV radiometers

To be used with Kipp and Zonen pyranometers, pyrgeometers, and UV radiometers. The CM121B/C Shadow Ring shields the sensors from direct radiation (effectively blocking DNI) to allow for DIF measurements.

The shadow rings design means minimal adjustments are required by users.


Kipp and Zone Shadow Ring


The Kipp and Zonen shadow ring can be used with Kipp & Zonen CMP and SMP pyranometers, pyrgeometers and UV Radiometers to shield the instrument from direct radiation.

The combination of a global measurement instrument (radiometer) and CM121B/C Shadow Ring offers a simple solution to the problem of measuring diffuse radiation from the sky.

The Kipp and Zonen shadow from the ring is designed to cover the pyranometer dome completely, with the ring having been designed to work without needing any adjustment for several days. Naturally the ring will also intercept a small part of the diffuse radiation from the sky and a table is provided to a aid in the correction of the ring to compensate for this.

The shadow ring is designed for standalone pyranometers and sensors, it should not be used in conjunction with sun trackers. As the pyranometers rotate on sun trackers, more accurate results are obtained by using shadow balls instead.

The shadow ring comes complete with stand and adjustable clamp which allows the operator to manually adjust the ring’s position each week to account for the change in the sun’s position.

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