Pyranometers from Kipp & Zonen

ESS Earth Sciences supply Australia and New Zealand with the full range of Kipp and Zonen Pyranometers.


  • SMP Series – 3, 6, 10, 11, 21, 22
  • CMP Series – 3, 6, 10, 11, 21, 22

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Kipp and Zonen Pyranometers.

The range of Kipp and Zonen Pyranometers is extensive. All applications from utility-scale solar farms to irradiance research facilities are catered for. We advise our customers to contact ESS Earth Sciences to discuss their applications and requirements so that the correct sensor is quoted for.


The Kipp and Zonen pyranometers can be broadly categorised to SMP and CMP range. The SMP pyranometers are smart sensors with an RS485 Modbus serial output. The CMP range provides an analogue output only.


CMP3 Pyranometer
The CMP 3 is a low-cost pyranometer for accurate routine measurements in many applications.

SMP3 Pyranometer
Fastest and best-performing ISO 9060 Second Class pyranometer. Smart Pyranometer SMP3 is perfect for monitoring solar energy installations, agriculture, horticulture, hydrological and industrial applications.

CMP 6 Pyranometer
Pyranometer for good quality measurements for green-house climate control, field testing and PV installations.

CMP10 Pyranometer
Secondary standard pyranometer with minimized maintenance thanks to its internal desiccant, designed for meteorological networks and solar energy applications.

SMP10 Pyranometer
ISO Secondary Standard pyranometer with lowest maintenance and maximum performance for both meteorological and solar energy applications.

CMP 11 Pyranometer
Pyranometer for Meteorological networks, reference measurements in extreme climates, polar or arid. It is the industry standard for solar radiation monitoring in PV and thermal energy plants.

SMP11 Pyranometer
Exceeds the requirements for ISO Secondary Standard pyranometers. Smart Pyranometer SMP11 is the ideal choice for high-quality solar radiation monitoring in meteorology and solar energy.

CMP 21 Pyranometer
Pyranometer for Meteorological networks, reference measurements in extreme climates, polar or arid.

CMP 22 Pyranometer
Pyranometer for Scientific research requiring the highest level of measurement accuracy and reliability.

Kipp and Zonen pyranometers can have an analogue output for dataloggers, or in the case of the SMP pyranometers, the output can be Digital for SCADA system integration or analogue (but not both at the same time).

A wide range of solar radiation sensors, from agriculture to research-grade application

Optional Extras for Kipp and Zonen Pyranometers

  • Ventilator – optimises pyranometer performance by minimising dust buildup, and stops dew and frost.
  • Shadow ring – when fitted the pyranometer is shaded from direct sunlight, this allows diffuse solar irradiance measurements.
  • Tilt mount – allows the pyranometer to be tilted to the solar panel’s plane of array.