Pyrgeometers from Kipp & Zonen

Pyrgeometers measure longwave radiation which is the Infra-Red area of the spectrum (in contrast to pyranometers which measure shortwave).

Kipp and Zonen have two models of pyrgeometer; the SGR4 and the SGR3, both models are available with serial or analogue output. Pyrgeometers are ideal for meteorological observations and materials testing.


Kipp and Zonen Pyrgeometers

CGR3 Pyrgeometers
Low-cost pyrgeometers for accurate routine measurements in many applications, the CGR3 is available with a serial Modbus RS485 output (SGR3).

CGR4 Pyrgeometers
The CGR4 pyrgeometers are designed for meteorological observations. The excellent thermal stability of the dome construction eliminates the need for dome temperature measurements or dome shading. The CGR4 is available with a serial Modbus RS485 output (SGR4).


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