Free Seismic Waveform Analysis – Waves

Waves is a user-friendly earthquake waveform analysis application for Windows, Mac or Linux, and is available as a free download here, with an ad-free version available for purchase. Scroll down this page for more information.


“Waves” is the next generation update of eqWave, our long-time user-friendly earthquake waveform viewer that allows you to pick earthquake wave arrivals from dozens of seismograph stations in a single view, see frequency spectra and spectrograms, convert between velocity, acceleration and displacement, and much more. Waves interacts with eqFocus for simple earthquake location and magnitude calculation and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux (Java required). Waves is available for download here and is free to use, with an ad-free version available for purchase.

The video below shows an overview of an older version of eqWave, which demonstrates most of the features of Waves, but for a full explanation of all of Waves’ features, see our Support page to download the product manual.

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