Janus – Portable Geostationary Antenna and Display


Track the weather from wherever you are with Weather Forecasting And Analysis On-The-Go.

Janus is a portable high-performance geostationary system perfect for the collection and analysis of satellite data for mobile and real-time forecasting and research applications.

The Janus ground station is a reliable, easily transportable system that allows you to collect, process and display either LRIT or full resolution data from meteorological satellites, no matter where you are.

This portable geostationary system can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and is perfect for military, meteorological and disaster relief organizations that require swift deployment in remote locations. Both the antenna and the processing unit can be assembled and made operational in less than 15 minutes. Both units are easily transported in the provided rugged and durable transit cases.

The Janus ground station is an easy to use, portable, turn key system, providing all of the hardware and software required to collate and analyze geostationary satellite meteorological data on the go.

Data Sources:

  • FY-2
  • COMS
  • GOES East and West

Additional information

Weight 1 kg