Fixed site RAWS (Remote Automated Weather Station)

ESS Earth Sciences are proud to be Australian distributors for the Biral range of lightning detection and warning systems.

  • Temperature/RH
  • Tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Semi-permanent to calculate fire codes
  • 3G and iridium satellite telemetry


The fixed Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) is designed to be semi-permanently fixed to the landscape in remote areas of interest for fire behaviour. The fixed RAWS comes equipped with a large mounting frame and a 10m mast with a wind sensor mounted on the top. The 10m mast can be raised and lowered by a winch system.

In contrast to the portable station (PAWS), the fixed site RAWS is designed to obtain a local climatology which can be used to calculate fire danger indices and continuously monitor the fire behaviour in a specific location on longer timescales. The RAWS initially can take up to 4 hours to install onto the landscape depending on the degree of difficulty of the terrain, but once it has been assembled it can last in the same location for years.

Similarly, to our PAWS, the RAWS offers the standard suite of sensors including, temperature/humidity, rainfall, solar radiation with an additional barometer and a 10m mast with a wind and direction sensor mounted on top – with options to extend the sensor set. The RAWS is powered by a solar panel and battery, and can communicate via dual telemetry capabilities to seamlessly log data.

The target audience for the equipment was initially designed for the fire industry, hence the ruggedness of the equipment is intended to endure harsh conditions. The integration of the sensors through a colour coded interface and the simplicity of the logger equipment, which is preconfigured to your specifications prior to shipment are all ready to go!