Stand-alone Optical Microwave Scintillometer system

With a range between 500m and 10km, the Optical Microwave Scintillometer System is designed to operate as a stand-alone device.

The microwave scintillometer comes with a comprehensive operating software package and in-built computer, as well as a GPS – making it a truly all-in-one device.



The Microwave Scintillometer takes rapid, direct measurements of sensible heat and latent heat fluxes as well as the structure parameter Cn2 of the turbulent surface layer. All of this data is averaged over a source region, meaning it is representative of a large area and does not require time averaging. The mounting structure does not influence the measurements taken.

The remote sensing technique also allows the Microwave Scintillometer to be used in sensitive natural habitats without causing disturbance.

Once installed, this self contained system requires very little maintenance – only a power source.

The software synchronously digitizes the microwave and optical raw signals. Complete data processing from raw signals to heat fluxes is performed in real time. All data products are automatically stored and can be continuously viewed by the user after a suitable display is connected to the system.