CVF4 Ventilation Unit for Pyranometers, UV radiometers

CVF4 is a high quality ventilation unit designed to be used with the higher performance Kipp & Zonen solar instruments, as ventilating radiometers can improve the reliability and accuracy of measurements and reduces maintenance of solar instruments.

  • Improves accuracy of measurements
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Pulse output to monitor performance
  • Reduces Zero offset A
  • Improved flow over the top of the dome
  • Can be used under all weather conditions


CVF4 Pyranometer Ventilator 


The Kipp and Zone CVF4 pyranometer ventilator is a low power, low maintenance ventilation unit. The CVF4 creates and airflow creates and airflow around the pyranometer or radiometer to help stabilise and maintain the unit’s temperature.

The CVF4 ventilation unit creates a unique airflow over the top of the pyranometer dome. The flow is very high and it swirls to improve the air distribution. The position of the heaters and the new cover material ensures that only half the heating power is needed to melt frost and snow compared to older ventilation units.

CVF4 is designed to be used with Kipp & Zonen’s:

The CVF4 can also be  used in combination with 2AP and SOLYS2 sun trackers and the CM121C shadow ring.

Note that when installing a CVF4 ensure that the correct mounting plate is used. It is possible to fit ventilators to albedometers to improve their performance

Power supply 12 ± 1 VDC
Operational temperature range -40 to +70 °C
Ventilation power 6.3 W (continuously)
Heating power 7 W (when required)
Heater induced offset < 1W/m² (with CMP pyranometers)
Zero offset a) reduction 50% (with double-dome C/SMP pyranometers)
Designed for C/SMP6, 10, 11, 21, CMP22; C/SGR4; C/SUV C/SMP3 and C/SGR3 with reduced performance
Ingress Protection (IP) rating 68

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