Lightning Detection and Warning System

ESS Earth Sciences now offers the BTD-2000 Lightning Warning System manufactured by Biral UK. A self-contained, standalone lightning warning system that provides warning of overhead lightning risk, with an optional direction-finder accessory to report the direction in addition to the distance of lightning flashes allowing the system to track thunderstorms

The BTD-200 lightning warning system is a complete detection and warning system. Developed from the Biral range of professional aviation-grade lightning detection systems. Its proven detection technology reliably detects the presence of all forms of lightning out to a range of 35km. Designed to be quickly and easily installed, it comes complete with a universal mains voltage power supply. The Lightning Works software is also provided for monitoring, warning, and data logging of approaching thunderstorms.

How the system detects and warns before first strike. 

When a lightning discharge occurs there is a significant transfer of electric charge. This causes a disturbance in the atmospheric electric field detectable to a distance of more than a hundred kilometers.

The low frequency (<50 Hz) disturbance is detected by the BTD-200 antenna and the signal is processed to both detect and range lightning discharges. Due to the low-frequency nature of the lightning discharge signal, the BTD-200 filters out the higher frequency electromagnetic radio waves which confuse other sensors.

Due to these limitations, most standalone lightning detectors employ secondary measurements such as optical flash detection in an attempt to reduce false alarms and employ complex signal analysis to estimate range. Therefore, these techniques are only partially effective, giving older technology lightning detectors a poor reputation due to their high false alarm rate, poor distance accuracy, and short working lifetimes. As virtually no manmade or natural source can disturb the Earth’s electric field in the same way as a lightning discharge, the BTD-200 has an almost zero false alarm rate.

Versatile range of applications

The BTD-200 is ideal for golf courses, playgrounds, aerodromes, and any outdoor event where lightning could pose a hazard. The BTD-200 is easy to set up and provides a wide range of warning messages. As such, it is one of the most versatile, cost-effective, and uncompromising lightning detectors on the market.

Certification & Compliance

CE Certified
EMC EN61326-1:2013 Industrial immunity,
domestic emissions
RoHS and WEEE compliant
Compliance with EN50536:2011+A1:2012 for a Class 1 detector
Performs in accordance with IEC 62793 for a Class A detector

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View the data sheet here: Biral Lightning Warning System 200

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