New Earthquake Recording Instrument

The Gecko ERI is a new configuration of our earthquake recording instrument that includes a backup battery and charger, Ethernet adaptor, and switching relays for alarm circuits, with a sensor connected by cable. This configuration significantly reduces the cost of building monitoring instrumentation, particularly when specified with our LCA-2G low cost accelerometer. You can stream live data from multiple instruments on your network and display them on a local PC running our free Streams software, or to a remotely data hosting service running eqServer or Seismosphere.

The Gecko ERI can be specified with a variety of sensor types, and is designed to be wall-mountable. The internal battery enables data to be continuously recorded for many hours after an earthquake that has potentially interrupted the main power supply, ensuring that the response of your structure to the earthquake and the immediate aftershocks is captured for engineering analysis.

The alarm outputs allow building management systems to be triggered by high-current relays to allow for control of infrastructure such as gas supply valves or elevator functions. The included memory card can be swapped each year to retain a continuous record of your structure’s condition, or if left unsupervised it will always keep the newest data so that you will never miss the most recent earthquake event.

You can see how easy the Gecko ERI is to set up and operate by quickly perusing the user manual, but if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.