Uniaxial Tiltmeter TUFF TILT 801: Economical and Precise Instrument

The TUFF TILT 801 uniaxial tiltmteter combines precision and durability in an economical instrument for a wide variety of monitoring and measurement applications.


The TUFF TILT 801 is an economical uniaxial tiltmeter for a wide variety of monitoring and measurement applica tions. It incorporates a gravity-referenced electrolytic tilt transducer as the internal sensing element, offering unrivaled precision and long-term stability. Housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure, this analog output tilt meter may be used outdoors and in other wet or harsh environments, although the unit is not submersible.

The TUFF TILT Uniaxial Tiltmeter is ideal for structural load testing, monitoring of walls and foundation movement, surveillance of natural and manmade structures (bridges, dams, etc.) and machine positioning and control.

Model 801-H 801-S 801-W
Angular range ±0.5° ±3° ±50°*
Scale factor 0.1°/ volt (single-ended) 0.6°/ volt (single-ended) 10°/ volt (single-ended)
Resolution 0.0001° (1.75 μradian) 0.0006° (10.5 μradian) 0.01°
Repeatability 0.0002° 0.001° 0.02°
Linearity 1% of F.S., typical <2% of F.S., typical 0.5% of F.S., typical
Temperature coefficient
Scale factor Ks < 0.02% / °C, typ. Ks < 0.02% / °C, typ. Ks < 0.02% / °C, typ.
Zero shift Kz = ±0.0002° / °C, typ. Kz = ±0.0002° / °C, typ. Kz = ±0.0002° / °C, typ
Time constant (T) 1.75 s (2-pole Butterworth low-pass filter) (801-H and 801-S), 0.15 s (801-W)
Power requirements +8 to +18 VDC @ 8 mA, 250 mV peak-to-peak ripple max., reverse polarity protected
Output channels
Tilt ±5 VDC single-ended, ±10 VDC differential (both are provided)
Temperature −400 to +1000 mV, single-ended. Scale factor of temperature sensor = 0.1°C /mV, 0 mV = 0°C
Operating temperature −25 to +70°C NEMA 4X (IP-65) rated enclosure for outdoor applications
Storage temperature −30 to +100°C
Cable 3 m, 6-conductor + one overall shield, PVC jacket, tinned ends
Enclosure & Mounting Painted, die-cast aluminum box, 120 × 80 × 60 mm
Four 4.4 mm dia. mounting holes on 107 × 67 mm pattern
Weight 0.6 kg