Omnitilt Short Period Seismometer

Introducing the Omnitilt Optical Seismic Sensor from Silicon Audio with a flat frequency response ranging from 0.1 to 150 Hz. With its superior signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic range, this robust and easy-to-deploy sensor is perfect for a variety of seismic applications. Ideal for both rapid temporary deployments and permanent installations, this sensor is available in multiple packaging options to suit your needs.


The Silicon Audion short-period omnitilt seismometer is professional seismic sensor that can be used in multiple applications including permanent stations or for rapid portable deployments for seismic monitoring. It comes in vault or porthole packaging.
This sensor uses optical technology to achieve low self noise and a high clip level, allowing it also to be 360-degree tilt-insensitive or ommnidirectional.

Key Features:

  • High shock tolerance.
  • Wide bandwidth and dynamic range.
  • Low cross-axis sensitivity.
  • Low power design.
  • Very large tilt tolerance.
  • High clip levels and low distortion levels.
  • Customizable packaging/configuration.
  • Small, lightweight, rugged form factor.
  • High linearity across full bandwidth.
  • High vector fidelity.
  • Can be adjusted for short periods as per USGS parameters.
  • Suitable for permanent operational observation or for a portable station solution.


Technical Specifications


SiAudio Omnitilt Short-Period Seismometer

Passband 0.1 – 150 Hz
Clip level ±40 mm/s
Dynamic Range 135 dB
Sensitivity 885 V/m/s
Self-noise level Below NLNM 0.1 – 1 Hz, close to NLNM > 1Hz (Low-noise model)
Tilt Tolerance ±180°
Mass Lock No mass lock required
Mass Centering Automatic
Shock Tolerance >3000g
Dimensions Posthole package: 83mm Ø x 120mm H

Vault package: 115mm x 115mm x 68mm

Configuration 3-axis
Sensing Method Force balance with interferometric transducer