NIVOLIC Water Level Sensor V Notch weir Sensor

The NIVOLIC WL, when combined with a weir, allows monitoring of water flow. It is commonly used for assessing performance of dams.


The NIVOLIC WL consists of a chamber in which a cylindrical weight is suspended from a vibrating wire transducer. The cylinder hangs partially in the water which level has to be monitored.

Changes in the water level of the chamber modify the buoyancy force acting on the weight, thus modifying the tension and the resonant frequency of the vibrating wire. A thermistor is integrated in the gauge, enabling measure of temperature.

Range 100, 150, 300, 450, 600 mm
Accuracy of sensor ±0.1 % to ±0.5 %  F.S. (each sensor is calibrated individually)
Resolution – Vibrating wire: 0.02% F.S. (min.)

– Temperature: 0.1ºC

Thermistor 3 kΩ (see model TH-T)
Cables – IRC-41A: 2 twisted shielded pairs, 22 AWG, with drain wire, PVC jacket,  6.4 mm OD

– IRC-41AP: Identical to IRC-41A except that jacket is made of polyethylene