GroPoint Multi-Depth Soil Moisture Sensor

Want to know what soil moisture is available at your crops rootzone to carry it through a season?

Perfect for soil moisture profiling from depths of 30cm down to 1.2m, this probe outputs digital soil moisture and temperature as measured over the probe length on one communication wire. No need for post sensor calculations, all are done within the sensor and transmitted straight to your datalogger via SDI-12 for display or storage.

Utilising the insertion tool and slide hammer, installation can be done in a matter if minutes without the need for grout or slurry filling and deep excavations. Minimal soil disturbance when installing can lead to decreased settling periods.

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This probe’s Time-Domain-Transmission (TDT) technology provides volumetric soil moisture readings (percentage of water in the soil) at multiple depths. The GroPoint Profile can be deployed in irrigation zones to provide an understanding of water movement through the soil by accurately tracking relative changes in soil moisture throughout the soil column.

The sleek, lightweight design is vertically installed quickly with minimal soil disruption using a pilot rod and slide hammer tool. The GroPoint Profile takes average volumetric soil moisture measurements over each segment, with each segment of approximately 6 inches (15 cm). The GroPoint Profile’s length options are between 2 and 8 segments.

GroPoint Profile is ideal for a multitude of agricultural applications including vineyards, row crops, cereals and orchards as well as silviculture and research to better manage irrigation practices, increase plant/crop quality and yield, and reduce fertilizer run-off.