3D Rock Stress – Digital HI Cell

Digital output 3-D rock stress measurement sensor


The Digital Hollow Inclusion (HID) Cell is a very low power, high-precision instrument purposely designed for in-situ monitoring of rock stress. The unit is designed to be permanently fixed within a borehole, and provides an immediate indication of strain and temperature.

The analogue HI Cell was originally developed by the CSIRO and commercialised by a company acquired by ESS Earth Sciences, and we have in turn improved on the design by digitising the strain at the gauges rather than at the end of long, expensive multi-strand cables, where the signal can be degraded and requires special readouts or loggers. We’ve simplified the sensor to provide a serial output to a logger, computer or tablet.

We also produce a data logger that can acquire data in real time from up to four HID Cells, which is simply saved to a CSV file on a USB stick – ideal for long term in-situ monitoring. This data can be processed with the latest “Stress” software. Alternatively an HID cell can be powered by a breakout box and connected to a tablet via USB to plot data in real time – ideal for overcoring applications.

Our HI and HID cells are the original product and are of the highest quality, and our ongoing development and improvement of the cell and related hardware and software means we are the best one-stop-shop for 3D in-situ stress measurement systems.

Data Sheet: HID CELL

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