Purge bubbler in liquid level sensor defeats silting issues

Bubbler LevelPro and PumpPro - liquid level sensor

The main advantage of the 6150 liquid level sensor’s measurement system is that when a reading is taken, a high-pressure blast of air is pushed through the bubble tube. This air blast clears the tube of any water, silt, or debris that might accumulate, particularly after flood events. The 6150 has the highest pressure pump in the water level monitoring market. It allows measurement up to a depth of 70m. The electronics and pump can be placed hundreds of metres from the measurement point.

The PR7200 liquid level bubbler sensor is has replaced the 6150 liquid level sensor here.

Greenspan PR7200 Liquid Level Sensors with integrated bubbler

The PR-7200 is an update to the model previously known as the PumpPro 6150. Similarly, the core sensor module is available as a PR-7100 which replaces the LevelPro 6100. The new PR sensor design has identical functionality as previous models, but with modern electronics to allow for future functionality.

The PR designation refers to it being a “Pressure, Remote” sensor. As opposed to our PS range of “Pressure, Submersible” analogue and logging sensors.

The PR-7200 combines an air compressor and a PR-7100 liquid level sensor. This forms a fully self-contained hydrostatic pressure sensor designed to measure water and liquid levels reliably and accurately. Featuring a Teflon-lubricated precision piston air compressor, the PR-7200 is a highly reliable all-in-one water level sensor capable of measuring up to 70m of water head – more than twice the range of traditional bubbler systems.

It has all of the features of the previous model 6100 and 6150 including volumetric calculations for tank-based applications, analogue and digital outputs, an integrated LCD for easy setup, and the optional 8-pin screw terminal connector. Our three-year warranty is a testament to the reliability of the components in this unit. On the market for almost 20 years, this design has proven that the days of the limited life of pump-style water level sensors is well and truly a distant memory.

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