Waves and Quick Quake: Free Seismic Analysis Software

Our seismologists have designed some of the best, easiest to use earthquake data and seismic analysis software. They are mostly free to use and make processing of your data and learning about earthquakes an enjoyable experience.

Quick Quake has been available for the iPad for a few years. Today we are proud to announce it is available for the iPhone. Download it from the App Store and use the demo data to see how easy it is to quickly verify the location of an earthquake. If your data is feeding into an eqServer, you can access the automatic earthquake notifications it generates to review real-time events. Get in touch if you’d like us to set up an eqServer for your observatory. Check out the App Preview video below:

Seismic wave anaylsis

Making Waves  

Waves, the other software package developed by our seismologists that is now free to download. The seismic analysis tool is an evolution of our eqWave application that has been continuously improved for over 15 years. Waves is available for anyone to use in ad-sponsored mode, and a paid version of the app removes the 10-second pop-up advertisement (A$110 single license per installed device). Download it here for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Waves allows you to view spectrograms of your seismic waveforms, selected frequency spectra, convert between Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement at the touch of a button, show PGA, PGV, and PGD plots and estimated MMI and PEIS intensities, estimate magnitudes after picking P and S wave arrival times, and much more. Waves can read MiniSEED format files as well as a few other seismic data formats. See the User Manuals section of our website to download the guide that details all of Waves’ functions.

Did you know there is a lot of seismic activity in Australia? With our seismic analysis tools we are able to monitor and visualise the data. We post weekly updates on earthquake activity on our LinkedIn page. Follow us today to keep up to date with seismic activity in the south east of Australia.