Bubbler-type Water Level Sensor

LevelPro 6100 bubbler type water level sensor, simple to use, robust, for regulated gas bottle systems


The LevelPro 6100 bubbler water level sensor is a compact and easy-to-use device that connects to a regulated gas supply to enable remote monitoring of water level without having valuable instrumentation sitting in the water, potentially exposed to damage from flood waters.

The sensor has digital and analogies outputs, and for storage tank applications the sensor also display volumetric calculations of liquid based on user-specified tank shapes and dimensions.

Recent amendments to the design include the addition of a simple terminal block style wire connection, as well as a DIN rail mounting system. The 6100 sits at the heart of the PumpPro 6150, an instrument that removes the need for gas bottles and regulators altogether by integrating an on-demand high pressure air pump that clears the bubble tube whenever a reading is required, which has the side benefit of avoiding silt build-up in the bubble tube.

Data Sheet: 6100 LevelPro

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