UV Stability Kit and Precision Power Supply for Brewer Mark III

The UV Stability Kit and Precision Power Supply is designed for the Brewer MkIII, it acts as s a source of irradiance to routinely check the stability of the spectral response from the Brewer MkIII.



We recommend regular use of the UV stability Kit to maintain the accuracy of your Brewer MkIII.

The UV Stability Kit is portable and can be easy assembled and ready to operate in a few minutes. It can be used indoors or outdoors (in dry condition with little wind).

The kit replicates the factory UV calibration method, but at a lower level of accuracy and is not a calibration standard. Ideally, it should be powered from a separate AC outlet, rather than the Brewer accessory power output cable.


Measurement method Spectral irradiance
Lamp Quartz halogen (accurately aligned on special adapter)
Lamp power (constant current) 200 W / 6.3A
Lamp wavelength range 250 to 2500 nm
Number of lamps on adapters supplied 3
Power supply 88 to 264 VAC (47 to 63 Hz)
Power supply output current: 0.1 to 6.4 ADC
Power supply output voltage: 0 to 48 VDC
Power supply control: supply control