Sky Radiometer POM-01: direct solar radiation measurements

The POM-01 Sky Radiomoter can be used to obtain direct solar measurements.

With an integrated sun tracker – that actively corrects during use – the POM-01 allows you to take measurements directly from the sun or at specified angles away from the sun.


POM-01 sky radiometer

The POM-01 sky radiometer uses a single detector and a rotating filter wheel to measure radiation in seven narrow wavebands from 315 nm to 1020 nm.

Diffuse and scattered measurements can be collected using programmed sky scans.

Installation is quick and simple and the POM-01 comes with a precipitation sensor included – the radiometer will point downwards when it is raining to keep the optics clean and clear, requiring little external maintenance as a result.

Please note that the POM-01 must be connected to a PC that is running the operating software in order to take measurements and store collected data.