Cost-effective Multi-Level Vibrating Wire Piezometer (PW Series)

The multi-level vibrating wire piezometer is perfect for measuring pore pressures at various depths beneath a single surface location.


The PW-ML multi-level piezometer consists of multiple piezometers connected to a single communication cable, which is in turn connected to the data acquisition system (SENSLOG) or readout (MB-3TL). 

A typical installation of the multi-level piezometer utilizes a direct grouting installation so that only the multi-level piezometer string and a grout injection tube are needed to complete the installation.  Once the grout has hardened, the piezometers are isolated from one another, allowing precise measurements of pore water pressure changes at various depths.

The multi-level piezometer allows the customer to define sensor spacing along the readout cable providing precise depth control based on site specific requirements. Junctions between each piezometer and the main cable are reinforced using epoxy resin for a waterproof and durable seal.

Range 0.2, 0.35, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5 MPa
Accuracy1 ± 0.1%  F.S.
Linearity1 < ± 0.5% F.S.
Resolution with MB-3TL 0.025% F.S. (min.)
Thermal drift ± 0.1% F.S. / °C
Thermistor 3 kΩ (see model TH-T)
Cable IRC-241
Length 200 mm
Outside diameter 19 mm
Housing material Stainless steel
Filter Stainless steel, ~ 50 μm, ~ 10 kPa, low air entry pressure
Ceramic, ~ 1 μm, ~ 450 kPa, high air entry pressure
FR-1100G50100 Sleeve for sensor’s tight connections Number of piezometers per chain
(max. 6 with temperature, 12 without temperature)
Filter type (stainless steel or ceramic)
FR-1100DPWS PWS piezometer Measuring range for each sensor
Distance from the ground for each sensor
CA-IRC241 11.7-mm O.D., 12 shielded pairs cable Total length of the cable, including enough length to reach readout or logger)
FR-1356050100 Readout unit MB-3TL or SENSLOG