Point Load Tester with 10 ton 98kN rating

Manufactured and supplied by Geosystems – an ESS Earth Sciences division.

PLT-10 pump-driven core sample and rock strength testing unit rated to 10 ton 98kN loads


Used in mining and civil construction, this instrument is used to determine point load strength index of rock or concrete core samples. The PLT-10 is unique in that it is an automatically pump driven unit that requires no manual hand pumping – ideal when testing high volumes of core. The system was designed to satisfy the strictest health and safety requirements of our clients, and the conical platens conform to ISRM suggested method for point load testing.

With a high pressure (10 ton or 98kN range), this is an extremely rigid heavy duty instrument with a protective shield and solid heavy base to prevent toppling. Able to test large core samples of up to 102mm diameter, data can be displayed on a digital manometer gauge, logged to a computer via an optional serial link, or recorded using an optional integrated data logger.


For automatic options the PLT 10 comes with either Electric hydraulic pump, pneumatically driven hydraulic pump or battery operated hydraulic pump. A high pressure manual pump is also optional.

Indirect Tension Testing Brazil/Brazilian Test Platens for determining indirect tensile strength by the Brazil test in accordance to the International Society for Rock Mechanics standard. Self centering spherical top and bottom seats included.

Unconfined Compression Load Platens – Upper and lower flat platens available

PLT 10E – comes with Electric hydraulic pump

PLT 10 – comes with Pneumatically driven hydraulic pump

PLT 10B – comes with battery operated hydraulic pump

PLT 10M – comes with manual pump

Data sheet: PLT-10 Point Load Tester