PISA-M In-Place MEMS Inclinometer: Reliable & Real-time monitoring

The in-place MEMS model PISA-M inclinometers are used for continuous and unattended measurements of lateral displacement of soil, rock and structures.


The PISA-M in-place MEMS inclinometer is either a uniaxial or biaxial tilt transducer with signal conditioning electronics, housed inside a rugged tube. A set of wheels directs the in-place MEMS inclinometer in the inclinometer casing.

Two configurations are possible: the serial-sensor one (basic configuration) or the single-sensor configuration for monitoring a discrete zone. In the first case, only one jumper cable is required to connect the top of the sensor string to the data logger. In the second case, each sensor is connected via its own cable to the data logger.

The data from the string of sensors in a borehole provides a vertical profile of the borehole. By comparing profiles over time, deflection and rate of movement can be calculated. The PISA-M can be reused on other projects once the monitoring

Angular range ± 10°
Resolution with SENSLOG 0.0025°
Repeatability ± 0.006°
Output channels One or two orthogonal tilt channels: ± 2.5 volts differential per channel
Power requirements +8 to + 15 VDC
Housing Stainless steel, 32 mm diameter, waterproof to 2 MPa
Weight 1.6 kg with sensor and 2 m gauge length
Cable Each sensor is supplied with cable sufficient for 3 m gauge lengths
Casing 70 or 85 mm diameter casing
Sensor type MEMS tilt sensors for inclination readings
Thermistor for temperature readings
Max number of sensors *  50 (40 m), 40 (92 m), 30 (165 m), 20 (258 m), 10 (375 m)

* Representing nominal limits of serial sensors per length of jumper cable