PAWS (Portable Automated Weather Station)

ESS Earth Sciences are proud to be Australian distributors for the FTS (an AEM brand) range of fire weather monitoring systems.

  • Temperature/RH
  • Tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Portable and easy to set up within 20 minutes
  • 3G and iridium satellite telemetry


The Quick Deploy (“QD”) PAWS (Portable Automated Weather Station).

15 minutes. 1 person. No Tools.

The FTS Quick Deploy portable weather station is the fire community’s most widely used weather station for prescribed burns and temporary monitoring applications. It offers the same scientific-grade accuracy and reliability as our full fixed RAWS in a portable form, which can be set up completely in 15 minutes by one person, with no tools and no technical training.

Its portability means that several can be placed at the fireline and rapidly relocated as needed. It offers the same sensors and telemetry options as the fixed RAWS, and all components are interchangeable. The Quick Deploy can be accessorised with a 10m mast kit, that is fully portable in a hard carry, wheeled case, for simultaneous measurements of ground and 10m wind speed and direction (as per the fixed RAWS’ capabilities). Guy roped to the terrain for stability, this is a great addition for extra data without comprising the portability of the station.

Because it was designed for fire management professionals, the Quick Deploy is not like any other portable weather station. It’s exceptionally durable—no plastic components—so it can take a beating. FTS designed it to be extremely simple to set up quickly and get working every time without any training, since it is shipped preconfigured to your specifications, it doesn’t require a laptop or alignment of an antenna.