LP and MP Inflatable Packers: OD Available From 30mm to 170mm

Tough, versatile, adapted to a wide range of hole diameters, the packers are highly flexible and can be inflated with different fluids.


The LP and MP series of inflatable packers consist of an inflatable gland, fitted with swaged steel collars, mounted on a stainless steel center tube. They can be inflated with a variety of fluids such as water, air, nitrogen, etc., to provide a tight seal in holes or casings. The gland flexibility and the range of pressures assure a tight fit against irregular rugged walls. The same size packer will fit a wide range of hole diameters. Single and double units are available.

The gland element consists of a rubber membrane reinforced with extensible steel fabric, and covered with an additional layer of abrasion resistant rubber. Threaded swaged collars terminate both ends of the gland. The collars are used to thread the gland onto packer heads which are mounted on the center tube. One of the heads is fixed and contains the inflation port. The other head is free to move, allowing the highly reinforced gland to retract about the center tube as it inflates. A NPT pipe thread terminates the top end of the center tube. An assembly is available for use with wireline equipment. The series includes membranes that can be inflated under low (LP) or high (MP) pressure. The model numbers (e.g. 30-53) refer to the deflated and fully inflated diameters in millimeters.

 MODEL Max OD (deflated) Center tube ID Center tube connection  Standard lengths
MP/30-53  30 mm 10 mm 3/8” 500 mm 1000 mm
MP/42-79 42 mm 17 mm  ½” 500 mm 1000 mm
MP/42-100 42 mm 17 mm  ½” 500 mm 1000 mm
LP/54-120 54 mm 26 mm  1” 500 mm 1000 mm
LP/72-160 72 mm 40 mm 1 ¼” 500 mm 1000 mm
LP/85-187 85 mm 40 mm  1 ¼” 500 mm 1000 mm
LP/102-190 102 mm 53 mm  2” 500 mm 1000 mm
LP/130-320 130 mm 81 mm  3” 1000 mm
LP/170-350 170 mm 81 mm  3” 1000 mm