Instrumented Rockbolts

Rock bolts with integrated sensors to monitor the strain or status of your anchor


Our Instrumented bolts are used to verify the action of the rock-reinforcement by monitoring the integrity of the bolts and the strain distribution within them. We can gauge most types of rockbolt and ground anchor.

Strain gauged rock bolts

Wherever rock bolting is used for ground support, strain gauged rockbolts are ideal to measure the distribution of bolt loads for design purposes. Load distribution can be monitored along each bolt by the use of multiple pairs of strain gauges.

Sentinel Bolt 

Installed rockbolts can become broken due to high loads and/or the effects of corrosion. Often there is little visual evidence of broken bolts. The ‘Sentinel’ integrity monitoring rockbolt is a new rockbolting safety concept designed to provide warning that bolts are broken.

Data Sheets: Sentinel Integrity Rockbolt Strain Gauged Rockbolt